Kate Reed

I've always had a passion for color and art.


My father was a painter and designer. My mother did wonderful stained glass windows. I knew from an early age that brown could also be sienna, burnt umber, or even chocolate.


As I grew up art became a way to express my emotions. It was an escape from my daily worries. I loved to pour all my thoughts onto paper with images and color.


These days art is a central part of my life. It is a passion and a meditation. When I have a brush in my hands the rest of the world falls away and there is only creation. I love to get my hands dirty.


Inspiration strikes me in different ways. Sometimes an idea will pop into my head and hang around until it's released on canvas. Other times I may fall in love with a phrase or an image and incorporate it into a painting. People have always been fascinating creatures to me and are often the center of my work.


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